Ice Men

A man searches for his wife, lost walking in the Alps. He will do whatever it takes to find her, even if it means going back in time to the Stone Age of Oetzi, the ancient warrior found frozen in the mountain ice. Developed with support from BLS Film Fund, Italy.

In the vein of Apocalypto, Last of the Mohicans, Jeremiah Johnson, Dances with Wolves

Soldier Bear

Millions fought the Nazis – but only one bear. The true story of Wojtek, the soldier bear who fought alongside the Polish Army in WWII North Africa and Italy, from orphan cub to war hero. Based on book and life story rights.


In the vein

of Warhorse, Saving Private Ryan, Seabiscuit, The Bear

Under the Wire

Based on the best-seller on the WWII adventures of an anarchic Texan Spitfire pilot, escape artist and real-life ‘Cooler King’ Funny, harrowing and hectic – the turmoil of Europe seen through one remarkable pair of eyes. It covers his adventures in the air and on the ground both inside the camps and on the run. Described as “Huck Finn on a tour of occupied Europe, his raft replaced by a Spitfire”.

In the vein of Shawshank Redemtion, The Great Escape, Catch me if You Can., The Pianist, Cool Hand Luke, Schindler’s List, Memphis Belle

Easter Rising

An epic tale of heroism, hope action and tragedy in the creation of modern Ireland through the 1916 Easter Uprising. A group of disparate, quirky revolutionaries, poets and dreamers come together to challenge the might of the world’s greatest empire. Fascinating, sometimes flawed characters face up to their own hopes and fears as they risk their lives and families on a desperate gamble with history. Based on a multi award-winning screenplay.

In the vein of Reds, Downfall, Hurt Locker, Gallipoli

I, Patrick

Patrick’s life is celebrated by 150 million people world-wide every March 17. He journeys from a Romano-British slave to a fugitive, warrior, Celtic saint and legend. When he escapes slavery in Ireland and reaches Rome, the Romans want to send him back with an army to convert the pagan Celts at sword-point. Instead, Patrick risks his life with a small band of friends to convert and unite the warring Irish tribes by understanding their world of nature, honor and sorcery.

In the vein of Game of Thrones, Braveheart, Beowulf, Gladiator, 300, Name of the Rose, King Arthur


Lazarus, a runaway slave is catapulted through time to present day post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans and must find his way back to his woman without ending up back in chains.

The story is an adventure, a drama and a love story that looks at progress and prejudice between men, women, black and white, young and old.

In the vein of The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Benjamin Button, Roots, Big Fish.