Brendan Foley, Proper Picture Co.’s Director of Development, is a feature film and TV writer-director, producer and best-selling author. He has a proven track record for innovation and creativity in both writing and marketing. He is pictured directing The Riddle, with Sir Derek Jacobi.

His work as writer, producer and director includes multi-award winning action-drama feature Johnny Was (Sony/First Look); marketing world-first thriller The Riddle (Image Entertainment/Mail on Sunday), and parody chiller Legend of the Bog (Lionsgate). He wrote the best-selling WWII Great Escape biography Under the Wire (Random House), then co-created and co-wrote NBC’s environmental CGI animated series Shelldon. His films have starred Vinnie Jones, Derek Jacobi and Vanessa Redgrave. His screenplays have received awards and commendations from Final Draft, Australian International, EU Media II, and the Archer Prize. He is currently working with the BBC, Farmoor and NI Screen on a new detective series.

Prior to working in film and books, Brendan was an award-winning international features journalist covering business, the environment and conflict in 76 countries. He then ran his own global print and video consultancy which gained Europe’s top marketing communications prize, The PR Week Award, three times for clients including Texaco, Hawker-Siddeley and Coca-Cola. He lectures on screenwriting worldwide, has been a guest speaker on film-making at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library, Nordmedia fund and The Danish Film School. Brendan’s personal website as a writer-director is .

His Proper Picture Co colleagues say: “Brendan has a great understanding of story and structure from his experience as a writer and director – but he also has a real understanding of the business, from development, through production to marketing, a combination that is very rare and very useful.”

Gavin James, Executive Producer for the Proper Picture Company, is one of the most experienced and respected film executives in the UK, with more than 20 years of senior management experience in the global film and television industry. His core skills include film financial structure and all aspects of sales and distribution.

Gavin was Managing Director of Intermedia Film Equities Limited, the UK office of InternationalMedia AG for six years until 2008. Intermedia, a global player in the independent film marketplace, was then the biggest non-studio film producer in the UK.

Gavin was involved in Intermedia’s strategy, financing and production management of studio films such as Alexander ($170m) and Basic Instinct 2 ($70m), and smaller productions such as Magicians ($4.5m). Further film credits include Terminator 3 ($150m) and The Hunting Party. He was instrumental in the financial closing and closing-management, of dozens of films with combined budgets of over $1 billion.

In addition to his executive producer services for Proper Picture Company’s extensive development slate, he is Managing Director of Film & TV House Limited, an established film rights trader with annual turnover of $20m per annum, operating in association with Fintage House. He works with almost all major sales agents worldwide, and has relationships with the major distributors in the UK and in key international territories.

Gavin is also Managing Director of UK Film Trustee Company Limited, a collection account management company He is also a consultant on all aspects of film library rights and revenues; and UK representative of Fintage House, covering collection, licensing and producer rights. He has a degree in Banking and Finance from Loughborough University, and an MBA (Marketing specialty) from School of Management, University of Bath.

His Proper Picture Co colleagues say: “As well as being a very nice guy, Gavin knows more about both ends of film finance than virtually anyone in the UK – both in terms of putting together a billion dollars of film finance at the start of the process, then maximising revenue through sales, distribution and marketing at the end of the process – rare skills on their own, but rarer still as a combination.”


Ned Dowd, Proper Picture Company Head of Physical Production is now based in Dublin.

After graduating from Bowdoin College in 1972, Dowd earned a master’s degree at McGill University and played professional ice-hockey. The Paul Newman film, Slap Shot (1977) is based in part on his own experiences as a player. Dowd appeared in the film as notorious hockey player Ogie Ogelthorpe and was stunt co-ordinator as well as

Newman’s body double, leading to a career in the film industry as a production manager and producer on dozens of subsequent films.

Ned’s key skill is the proven ability to organize and deliver a movie from script to screen, whether a modest independent feature or a major blockbuster, overseeing every aspect of physical production, cast and crew. He was formerly Head of Production for Hollywood’s highly successful Caravan Pictures and his track record then and now as a producer and production manager speaks for itself, including Last of the Mohicans, The Three Musketeers, While You Were Sleeping, Grosse Point Blank, GI Jane, The Thirteenth Warrior, Wonder Boys, Shanghai Noon, The Count of Monte Cristo, Reign of Fire, King Arthur, Ondine and Apocalypto.

His Proper Pictures Co colleagues say: “Seeing Ned at work is like watching a General supervising D-Day. His vast experience, wit and grit inspire confidence in both cast and crew.”